Peggy Osterkamp’s Worksheet

My Worksheet
Here is my project worksheet that I always use. It’s in my book Weaving for Beginners. Someone asked if I could put it here on the blog so it will be easier to make copies than from the book. I posted it on my blog a few years ago, but think it’s time to post it again now that I have close to 600 subscribers (598). It is used to calculate the many things needed when planning a project. This worksheet lets you figure out how long and wide the warp should be and the amount of warp and weft yarn you need. When I was starting out, I was always worried that I’d forget a critical calculation. You may download the worksheet HERE.

5 thoughts on “Peggy Osterkamp’s Worksheet”

  1. Thanks! I love this worksheet. Helped me so much when a switched from bamboo to Tencel on a shawl pattern! As a fairly new weaver this was really a Godsend!

  2. as a person who literally is just beginning toweave this worksheet isextremely helpful…and it is very nice of you to do this…thank you


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