Camp Season Almost Here

Table Looms for Camp
Here are my Structo table looms all ready for the campers later in June. Last year we had great creativity from the 6-11 year-olds. Finally a use for my looms that have been gathering dust n my studio. Last year was a great success so we are going to do it again this year. I always wonder before hand how it will go over. The kids last year were so eager. I made the warps–2 1/2″ wide and then cut cut them off when they are all done and glue the cut ends.

3 thoughts on “Camp Season Almost Here”

  1. This made me almost cry! I used to teach every Summer at the local “art camp” and had to stop when ONE MORE FALL made it hard for me to stand that long, get up and down the stairs as often as needed etc. (Happily, that was the last back-break)…I loved it and miss it SO much.
    BTW I still have a LOT of Structo and “Dorothy” looms I need to sell…for space if nothing else…as well as some “structos for parts.” (Might hang on to those, tho..y’never know)


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