New Features Added to the Ahrens Looms Website

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Ahrens Menus
The Ahrens Looms website gets more exciting for me everyday.

We have the full support of Bob Kruger of AVL and Weavolution is announcing it in their newsletter.  We’ve added more features that would be expected on websites. There is a Forum section with several topics and the latest added is the FAQ page. Here is a sample of how a FAQ (frequently asked question) works. When you click on the question the answer pops up below. Try it!

Because that’s all you need for 4 shafts. With those 4 treadles and your two feet you can treadle all of the possible combinations of shafts. There are 14 combinations possible.You never need to tie up any combinations and that way you can easily change tie-ups anytime you want. If you use Jim’s unique tie-ups for the 4 treadles, it’s easy to walk your feet for all the weaves you have available.
Direct tieup

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← Why are there only 4 treadles?

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  1. I have a twelve harness Ahrens loom which I am considering selling. I have no idea if anyone is still weaving and if there would be a demand for this loom. Any information or help you can give me would be appreciated. Many Thanks, Alice


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