Just Published!! My new website about Ahrens Looms!

Ahrens Plaque

My good friend Vera Totos and I have been working for months on creating a new website about Ahrens looms. Jim Ahrens built looms for efficient weaving, using his own engineering and centuries old European techniques. This site explains their use and operation. Check it out and let me know what you think using the “Contact” page or as a “comment” at the bottom of each page.

9 thoughts on “Just Published!! My new website about Ahrens Looms!”

  1. This is amazing, Peggy!! I’ve been struggling for several years to renovate an old 10-harness, folding Ahrens loom. I’ve eventually found the answers to most of my questions because of the generosity of many people who also have the same loom, but this answers them all and then some with amazing clarity.

    What a resource. Congratulations!

  2. This is great ! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I’m trying to gather information with hopes of building myself a loom. We have several old looms so that’s not what motivates me. I’d like to make a loom to fit and one that works more efficiently and well I like making things. I’m not an engineer…I don’t even have the hat. ?
    I’ve been searching for a loom design I can use. Anyway I’ll have fun going over all this information. I just have to get smart soon. I feel like there is a clock ticking and I not as young as I used to be. ?

  3. I always wondered what AVL stood for. Now I know and why. That’s a very nice web site. You and Vera “done good.”
    Diane F

  4. Peggy,
    I love your books and e-mails! But I lost track of your letter where you give us a gift of JIM AHRENS tip for tying up the treadles with the lamms.
    Could you please send me the reference?
    Best wishes and thanks for all you do!

    Janet Meany

  5. Thank you for this site, I just acquired my first floor loom, an Ahrens 4 shaft and I can not wait to start using it.

    • Congratulations on getting a wonderful loom. Be sure to go to the website we made to help people understand their Ahrens looms. Ahrenslooms.com
      Do you know the history of the loom? I apprenticed with Jim Ahrens and wrote my books using the unique techniques he taught us at Pacific Basin School of Textiles in Berkeley in the 70’s.You might want to get my book, Weaving for Beginners on my website–www.peggyosterkamp.com
      Maybe send me a photo of the loom–it might be just like the one I have. My studio is in Marin County near Larkspur Ferry Landing.


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