Off Again on a Weaving Tour









I’m leaving in the morning for a trip for a week in Tokyo on the way to a two-week textile tour: The Textile Arts and Traditions of the Philippines, sponsored by the Textile Arts Council of the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. The week in Tokyo my friend Cathy and I will just go to our favorite places, including the antique stores where I found the old books where I’ve gotten pages for my art work. We are going to a special flea market and to our favorite antique textile shops. 
I’ll post on  my Instagram account “peggyoster“, 2 to 4 photos a day (I hope). And my web guy will combine those in a daily post on my website for my almost 500!! (493) subscribers who get email notices of my website posts.
I am eager to see pineapple fiber fabric and I hope I can bring home some. It should be fascinating to see how it is made. We’ll be flying a lot to get to various islands so it will really be interesting to see what “the Philippines” really is like.

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  1. Hope you have a lovely time. But be safe! The world seems to be a bit unfriendly at the moment. I look forward to to seeing the photos.
    R Johanna

  2. Sounds like an interesting trip.
    I’ll be in Tokyo next fall for a few days.Would you share the name/location of your favorite shops there?


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