Scenes from Morocco

This man helped me climb the sand dunes in Morocco.
This man helped me climb the sand dunes in Morocco.

Here are a few scenes from Morocco. I just wanted to give you the flavor of what we saw. I’m too busy now to make much more than that–does this remind you of not finding time to make a photo album after a big trip?? I hope to post some more photos soon before it all becomes a blur.
camel ride
more buildings
market 2
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weaver blue warp

Dinner at Rick's Cafe in Casablanca.
Dinner at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

4 thoughts on “Scenes from Morocco”

  1. Wonderful to see the photos. Thank you for sharing.

    You should try southern Africa next. I found a wonderful weaving studio in KwaZulu Natal where the ladies showed me how to change patterns on a two shaft loom. They were making a rug with traditional Zulu patterns and the loom was huge. Seeing your picture reminded me.

  2. Those are awesome photos of great memories you will cherish from now on. Such a wealth of weaving & fiber experience down there.


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