My Top Ten Weaving Tips – #9: Determine Yards Per Pound with a Scale

Spools of Yarn

Weaving with a McMorran Balance
Yarn Balance (formerly called McMorran Yarn Balance)

This is a balance scale that is used to determine how many yards of a yarn are in one pound. It’s great for letting you know how much yarn you have on an unmarked cone or skein. Place a length of yarn in the “V” on the balance arm, and cut off pieces until the arm balances. Measure the length of yarn in inches. Multiply the number of inches (and fractions) by 100 for the approximate number of yards in a pound. Measure carefully because you multiply your measurement and your error by 100.

This tip can be found in Book 1: “Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle” and “Weaving for Beginners”

3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Weaving Tips – #9: Determine Yards Per Pound with a Scale”

  1. Hi Peggy, I have a Yarn Balance (McMorran) but it is a bit in bad condition. I could not find one anywhere to buy. Do you have an address. I know there are some that counts yards per pound, and some other meters per kg.
    Best regards,

    • I Googled Where to buy a yarn balance–got a lot of entries for the Woolery but then noticed it said out of stock–maybe they have them now–both US and metric. also Halcyon Yarn has them Probably most yarn shops have them. they aren’t called mcMorran anymore because they stopped making them but there is a shop in Oregon that began making them so they should be available again. Ask Madelyn van der Hoogt who is having them made. It’s her friend, Susie. They should not be hard to find–just call it a Yarn Balance now. Peggy


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