Preparing for Weaving at Camp

Kids Warping Board

Kids Weaving 4

The counsellors and a few of the campers and a parent came to my studio to set up the looms before the camp started. The day of these photos a counsellor made a warp and she and I threaded one of the 7 Structo looms together. Her little brother and his friend came, too, and had fun weaving while we were having fun ourselves setting up the loom. It was a lovely afternoon. [click photos to enlarge]
Kids Weaving 1
Kids Weaving 2Kids Weaving 3

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  1. What fun! I am amazed at how young these kids are. You have taken on a wonderful project for these kids. I have a 10 year old in our studio weaving, very creative and respectful. She would like to thread her own loom. I am thinking about that. Your work with these kids and seeing the photos are encouraging for me. Thanks, Peggy.



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