The Next Step for Little Boro Pieces

Four Squares
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Now I have about 10 pieces done – my silk cloth patches mounted and stitched down. The backing consists of 3 layers: the one you see, a piece from an old, worn flannel sheet, and another dyed fabric on the back. I like the thickness—has some body, the stitches sink in, and the back has interest with the stitching. I’m thinking of mounting them in CD cases so both the back and front can be seen. Most of these cloths are silk crepe which I wove a while ago. They are sheer and flat when they come off the loom and collapse or crinkle up (crepe) when they hit water or the dye vat.

For the next post I’m working on pieces to show the cloth before and after the cloth has collapsed to show both the sheer cloth at the start and the textured cloth after dyeing. We say that the technique is called “collapse” when a cloth is woven which is intended to collapse or shrink. I’ve played a lot with the idea over the years to control the effects. I think there are some pieces on my gallery page.

Stay tuned.

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