My Own Large Boro

Boro Peggy's Big
I arranged all the cloth pieces I’ve been dying in the indigo vats from Yoshiko Wada’s Boro workshop to make my own large “boro futon cover”. All the pieces are pinned to a flannel sheet on my pin up wall. Now, the hard part comes: how to get it off to stitch it to a backing fabric. I’m thrilled with the whole process and can’t wait to start stitching.

4 thoughts on “My Own Large Boro”

  1. Your piece has awonderfully reasuring feel, the passed, present and future all in one, a comforting cover to have around you, well done

  2. Peggy, you are so pro-active. If you used cotton threads to bind some shibori, then you want to reuse the mottled blue threads for stitching. Think about some system/ pattern for stitching structure. i.e. periphery of patches, grid across length and width, some kantha type binary stitch patterns. etc Have fun. xxoo

    • I can’t wait to start the stitching. I’ve been doing “pages” of stitching, some with the kantha type work. I love it.


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