Little Indigo Pieces

Indigo Book Pages
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I’m thinking of making a book with small pages of my own woven cloth dyed in indigo with clamp resist. The cloth is sheer silk I wove in a crepe weave. It is flat when it is woven and doesn’t crinkle up until it gets wet. Sometimes I wet the cloth before dying and sometimes I let it crinkle when it got wet in the dye vat. This is great fun. The pieces are mounted on small pieces of cloth about 4 1/2″ square. I love these little miniature patches and can’t wait to begin stitching them down.

5 thoughts on “Little Indigo Pieces”

    • What a shame–i have all but one stitched down. Maybe I can put pins in anyhow!! Thanks for the idea! Peggy

    • Dear Mary,
      Where did we meet? At the cancer group? I’ve been seeing Frizzhead messages but couldn’t remember your name, but I remember you and your Frizz. Hope all is well. Nice you are keeping up with what I’m doing. Peggy


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