Peggy’s 2015 India Trip – Day 16

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Some Scenes from our Little Bus
16.1 traffic scene - Copy
It wasn’t easy getting photos out the window of our van but I had to get one typical of the traffic. It was a mess but everyone honked and slid buy without any scrapes. I chose not to ever ride in the front seat.

The grocery stores and shops were right on the edges of the streets mainly.

The stucco houses were typical of new construction but there was junk and debris every where with new and old housing.

I did see some factories out and about but had no idea what they were for.

I’m home now and settling in. I will miss sending these posts to my web master, Bob Hemstock. He has made all my snapshots into photographs and I am grateful. He says the next time I’d better take some picture taking lessons: he had to really do a lot of work with what I sent him. He deserves all the credit but I’ve loved doing the posts. I may do one more if I can settle into it.  [click first photo below]

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