Peggy’s 2015 India Trip – Day 14

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Another Warping Method

14.9 threads on end pegs - Copy
We saw this huge warping wheel in a room, maybe in a house or maybe  in its own small shed. Notice that the bottom part is in a pit. Most of the looms in peoples’ homes have the treadles in a pit and the weaver sits on the ground level.

The women take the mass of warp yarn and wind the threads onto rolls (for spools) in preparing for the threads to be wound on the warping wheel. The man runs the wheel and is holding bundles of two warps he had made previously.

I was (always am) fascinated to see the cross in the warps. You can see the big lease sticks holding the cross as the threads come off the spools and in the warp itself on the wheel: it is being shown as the X held in the green threads.

The woman is holding the cross in her fingers: before it goes to  warper, she winds the warp onto spools.

I tried to show the beginning and end of the warp on the pegs.

 It was interesting to see the men and women hanging around. I wonder if they were there to see us or if there are usually men and women hanging around the warping procedure.  [click first photo below]

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