Peggy’s India Trip – Day 12

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Warping in a Street
12.7 a red warp - Copy
Imagine my delight when we rounded the corner in a little village and saw these warps being made in the street! There were several local people working on them and maybe supervising. It was fabulous that we could walk among the threads.

At one point some men wanted to show us the sari that was going to be made. It was lovely and so nice to see a lot of people involved and interested.

They were passing sticks through the white warp to space out the threads.  It looked very much like a group cross on the sticks, doing just what we do and there was a raddle to make the spacing exact.
12.8 red warp in situ
The red warp was in a vacant lot. At one point there was some commotion at the other end.  A goat had come up and threatened to nibble on the threads! This was in a village within the city of Madurai.  [click first photo]

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