Peggy’s India Trip 2015 – Day 7 & 8

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7.1 Chinese fishing boat, net lifted
We spent 2 days in the southern India town of Fort Kochi. These wonderful fishing boats were on the shore when we walked around in the morning. I just loved seeing them working—so convoluted!
7.3 fishing boat, fish in net

A Fabulous Experience
8.7 shawl after dying finished
We went to a large workshop/complex in Munnar, India called Arranya National for two days of a natural dying workshop. It is a fabulous place which I’ll tell about in my next post. The school is on a tea plantation in a gorgeous area.

8.6 unwrapping a pole after dyingI immediately was assigned an artisan who has developed a special pole wrapping technique for dying cloth. We worked together (I mostly watched) and other artisans around came by to watch him.  I loved the results so the second day he did another pole wrapping for me on a huge pashmina shawl which is an extremely fine and soft wool. I’ve never had one of these shawls so jumped at the chance of having one specially dyed.  For a bigger pattern a larger pipe was used and coarser string used and the wraps farther apart. Most of these I’ve seen are diagonally patterned but I choose to have my lines straight. The final result is lovely and I’m thrilled.

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