Peggy’s India Trip 2015 – Day 5

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A Few Photos from India
5.1 girls on the grass teaching us embroidery

O5.2 henna designs on Palmne afternoon we went out to the country to a house surrounded by fields. It was delightful to be in quiet, peaceful surroundings. After lunch some girls gave us embroidery lessons while sitting in the yard. My teacher had henna designs on her palms that were very elaborate.


We saw these two turbaned men lounging. We were told they were wearing what herders wear. I didn’t see any animals around, however.
5.3 man in turban

Man in turban 1



On Our last night in Ahmedabad we had this special Indian dinner on the roof top of our hotel. We will sorely miss it : The House of MG. Next stop Kochi in southern India.
5.5 special Indian dinner

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