Peggy’s India Tour 2015 – Day 1

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Here I am in Ahmedabad, India. My flight was 16 hours non stop to Dubai. Then we had a couple more hours to get to India–the best long flight I have ever had was on Emirates Airlines.
01.2 Emirates stewardessThe stewardess were elegant and so was everything else, especially the extra space and movies! We left San Francisco at 4:30 pm and arrived in India at 3:00am. It was the perfect timing for sleeping and being awake and not tired when we arrived. We went to bed at 6:30 am and slept until 4:00 this afternoon. I hope I can sleep tonight and completely avoid jet lag.

Our hotel is elegant with old and modern decor inside and out. Here are a few pictures taken in the room– all elegant with lots of textile art around. Here are pictures of some of the framed embroideries in our room and a contemporary touch with buttons as art on a wall. The beautiful tiled floors are throughout the hotel and the ceilings are unbelievably high. Tomorrow we will venture out of our hotel. [click first photo to see slideshow]

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