Peggy’s 2015 India Trip – Day 13

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Getting Warps Sized
13.2 warp stretched out inside shed
We got up early to visit the people whose business it is to size warps for the weavers. It’s like putting starch on the thin fragile warp threads so they can withstand the tension and abrasion from the loom during weaving the cloth. We had to go early in the morning before it got too hot so the sizing wouldn’t dry too quickly.  The spay was very fine and big brushes were run up and down the warp on both sides many times so the sizing was spread on evenly. They did maybe 8 warps in a morning. The warps were brought in on a bicycle.  The finished warp would be bundled up and sent off to the weaver.

It’s interesting that all the warps we saw were all the same length because they were all to be woven into saris at 5.5 meters in length.  [click first photo below]

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