I Knitted a Doll and her Clothes

Peggy's DollFor absolute fun I knitted this doll and her clothes starting at a picnic in July. Since then I’ve made 10 items of clothing. What’s fun is doing these small (and somewhat challenging) pieces that don’t take a lot of time and bring almost immediate satisfaction. I would say in my spare time at night a small piece might take a week or so. The book with all the directions is by Arne & Carlos from Scandinavia and it is a treasure of fun things to make or only contemplate. The title is: Knitted Dolls Handmade Toys with a Designer Wardrobe. An older printing has a pattern correction for the beginning of the doll on page 29 and can be downloaded on this website: http://www.trafalgarbooks.com/arneandcarlos/KNDO.html. Later versions have been corrected, but it’s the beginning of the doll’s feet that’s important so you want to be sure you have the corrected version either way. It isn’t for beginning knitters but I would call myself an intermediate level knitter and I could follow the directions which are spelled out and have very helpful illustrations when needed. I was given a big stash of cones of 6-strand embroidery floss with great colors so I used that for the doll and the clothes, too.  [click images to enlarge]
Peggy's Doll Clothes

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  1. So cute! I found a box of little dolls and the clothes I knitted for them when I was a child. I thought I had thrown them out and was astounded to find them. Not sure what I’ll do with them.


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