Welcome to My Oaxaca, Mexico Trip

OaxacaWe wandered around Oaxaca City today before the tour begins. The Day of the Dead displays were still around and quite wonderful. One display was in a large shop: The Regional Assoc. Of Craftswomen of Oaxaca which is a wonderful women’s’ collective. Another shop is a well known shop with high quality textiles/fabrics. There were many shawls and things to wear that were well designed. The photo is of the shop: Arte Textil Indigena. We looked inside a big church which was guilded all over with gold: Temple Santos Domingo. We relaxed on the central square where there is a market everyday. I was surprised to see several shoe shine stands. They just seem out of place, somehow. Tomorrow we see the textile museum here then a 5-hour drive to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
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