Mexico Day 11 – Blouses and Baskets Today

11.2 blouses on fence - Copy
We went on another trip way into mountainous country to two very out of the way villages. We saw women wearing their indigenous blouses and skirts in El Porvenir Tijaltepec, a Mixtec village. The women embroider like what we call smocking on muslin cloth to make their blouses. They did not want to be photographed except for their work. That is a shame in a way because their faces were wonderfully expressive.

The designs they made up or took from pictures in books. It was lovely to be around them for an hour or more in the front yard of one of the women. Other women from the village were there and more wandered in with blouses they had made. We bought quite a few and were able to pay the women who made each one personally.

The second village was Tlacotepec. We visited the home of a basket weaver. She made only one kind and it was used as a colander to drain corn that they boiled in limestone to make it more healthy. See the photo of the boiled corn in its basket.


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  1. Hello Peggy,

    Thank you for sharing your Mexican trip pictures. They are absolutely wonderful! My sister and I are planning on visiting Oaxaca later this month. I was hoping to visit some of the villages you mentioned on your blog, in particular El Porvenir Tilcajete. I was wondering if this was done thru a touring company. Any help would truly be appreciated.



    • We did have a wonderful local guide who took us to many weavers, especially in the countryside. There is a textile museum in Oaxaca–they probably could tell you who is an outstanding guide for textiles.I went with the Textile Arts Council trip from the fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.


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