Peggy’s Show at the Larkspur Library

DSC00975Nationally, people have known me for my teaching and instructional books about the art and techniques of weaving for 35 years. Few people knew that I was creating art pieces during this long period of time. Now I fee it is time to share my work with art lovers.

I have been interested lately in weaving sheer cloth. When I went to Japan in 2013, I wanted to make something that would show how sheer I could weave cloth. That is how I got the idea of weaving my bookmarks. I enclosed them in a package because I knew that the wrapping of gifts is very important to the Japanese. I received a lot of very good feedback.

 In Japan, I fell in love with a book that had gorgeous holes in the pages where bookworms had eaten the paper. I treasure that book today. I brought home other books with interesting calligraphy that  I thought I might use somehow with my weaving. It was a long time before I realized that my bookmarks would be perfect with their pages. Some of the pages are poetry and some are practice pages for brushwork for calligraphy.  

I love old textiles for the home, too, and grew up with rag rugs  in my mother’s home. When I saw these rag balls in an antique store on Bleeker Street in New York, I was completely smitten and had to have them. I can image the woman who carefully cut the strips and hand stitched the lengths together and them wound these tight balls. All this was in preparation for weaving a rag rug.

I hesitated to unwind the balls to weave a whole rug, but wove these small pieces. I loved handling the “rags” of old, vintage cloth. I added my personal touch  by weaving in horse hair, a material I have been using in recent work.
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3 thoughts on “Peggy’s Show at the Larkspur Library”

  1. Lovely! My parents traveled recently to Japan and talked about the gift wrapping, so that caught my attention. I love that you used some of the old rags and left some intact in that piece. I found you blog searching for finishing tips. I will be adding you to my reading list. Thank-you for sharing.

  2. Peggy,
    Your creations are stunning. Your descriptions and stories are fascinating. Congratulations on your continued success.
    Love and admiration,


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