Gorgeous Fragments at the LA County Museum

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There was a small but smashing exhibit of fragments that everyone was told to see and it was superb. “Fragmentary Tales: Selections from the Lloyd Cotsen Textile Traces Collection” . The pieces were mounted in what looked like foam core board with windows cut out for the textiles that gave each one a presence so it could be appreciated. This is how I mounted lots of my study pieces when I was teaching. I put a Mylar cover on them that could be lifted up and the textile lifted out. That was how the Met was mounting things in their collection at the time. Here are the ones that I really loved: A velvet from Uzbekistan, an African piece, an Italian Velvet and a scaffolded piece from Peru–the likes of which I’ve never seen. The contemporary piece with horse hair by Debra Warner, “Opens a Window”, especially inspired me.  [click photos to enlarge]


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