A Gorgeous Exhibit – Adela Akers

2014-08-29 at 20.37.37
Adela Akers was the Artist In Residence at our deYoung Museum in San Francisco for the month if August. There were about a dozen of her perfectly lovely woven pieces on the walls, four clear glass partitions, her big loom, and large tables where visitors could try out her techniques. She was generous in explaining in as much detail as we wanted exactly how she created the work from the weaving, painted warps and sewing on small strips cut from foil caps on wine bottles. Her use of horse hair in the weaving is stunning.

The glass partitions had beautiful images of her work from the 60′ s and her current work. One showed a video showing her process in detail.
The reception was at night and the images were reflected on the floor as well.
These photos were taken by Bob Hemstock, my computer and web guru.
[click first photo for slide show]


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