Day Two at TSA Symposium

syp2014-creating600I am exhausted: full to the brim with information from the lectures and many textile people. It is really something to be around a few hundred people all interested in textiles and probably most of them experts in one aspect or another.

I went to the sessions dealing with textile artists. One was about the beginning of the textile artist movement with a show I remember seeing in 1971: Deliberate Entanglements which started in California.

One session was about the legacy of two artists I adored: Lillian Elliott and Joanne Segal Brandford. A YouTube video documentary was shown and I highly recommend it.

The other session was a panel discussion: The Masculine Mystique: Men in Fiber Art. It was excellent. Please Google them. Their work is really interesting.
Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham is a quilt maker.
Ben Cuevas







Ben Cuevas showed his knitted pieces. He is young and his work dealt with gender identity.
James Bassler and Gerhardt Knodel have been known for a long time and do interesting things Michael Rhode makes beautiful wall hangings.

I’m exhausted from all the exciting people and stimulation. Tomorrow is another day of sessions. Them comes Saturday and more sessions and the opening of the big show.

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  1. You are in the right place at the right time. You are an artist and an expert. You are Weaver. Enjoy the energy and the pleasure!


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