A Wonderful Surprise: The Show Has a Catalog

I discovered the catalog for the show by accident last night when a friend emailed me to say it was a nice catalog. And it is very nice. But the best part is that there is a catalog at all–that makes the show have more meaning and importance. Also very nice are the nice words at the beginning and each artist has a whole page. My page is Page 16.

TSA Catalog Screncap“The Craft & Folk Art Museum is proud to host New Directions: A Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Textiles, featuring current technical, aesthetic and structural innovations in textile art.”
“The illustrious jury panel selected 19 established and emerging artists whose work reflects the shifts and future movements in textile art.”
Suzanne Isken, Executive Director, Craft & Folk Art Museum

[click cover image to view or download catalog]

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise: The Show Has a Catalog”

  1. Thank you Peggy, I was really curious to see the works. Some of them are really quite intriguing and interesting.
    Your weavings talk to my heart.


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