There were looms in Ancient Greece!

Greek Loom Drawing.gif
Greek loom with weights – click to enlarge
Greek Loom Weight
Greek loom weight – click to enlarge

There were looms in Ancient Greece. At the archaeological  site, Akrotiri,  we visited in the Island of Santorini we read there were hundreds of loom weights were found . At a museum we saw some weights–thrilling to see them. The picture shows a loom with the weights. This is a well known image. Exiting to see such elaborate costumes–all made of cloth from those primitive looms.

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  1. That is absolutely amazing!! Do they have an idea what year? It’s very ingenous and practical for small spaces.

  2. The prefix for we use to refer biological tissue, histo-, comes from the ancient Greek word for woven tissue, ἱστός, which itself comes from the word for a loom, “the thing standing upright” from ἱστάναι, to stand something upright.


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