Greece: Designing with The Golden Proportion and The Fibonacci Sequence










On May 1, I went to Greece for a 3-week trip. At the CNCH conference last weekend I took a class with Jennifer Moore, “The Golden Proportion and Fibonacci Series”. The measurements and proportions are pleasing to the eye and found in nature and in art. And in the parthenon in Athens.

Golden Proportion-da-Vinci_02DaVinci showed the Golden Proportion in this familiar drawing. In the class we learned about the Golden Rectangle and how it can help with designing compositions. Then we discussed the Fibonacci Sequence. Using it is an easy way to get the Golden Proportion in your own compositions.

The way the sequence works is that you make a series of Golden Rectanglenumbers. Any of the numbers in the series can be used in a compostion and they will be in a pleasing proportion.

Here’s how to make a series/sequence: Start with a number and double it. Then add the last 2 numbers to get the next number and so forth. I try several starting numbers making several series. Then I choose the numbers fibonacci-spiralthat suit the measurements I start out with. Then I divide up my spaces with any of the measurements in that series to make my compositions. The one shown in the illustration shows these numbers and you can see what a series looks like: 1,2,3,5,8,13, etc. I use this all the time.



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  1. I had never thought to weave fibonacci numbers with a spiral. I’m saving this for the future as I think it’s too soon for me to weave/ design spirals. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Is it getting so focused on things like spin and sound-bites that you
    can’t even remember the rules of the game? It’s the study of the speculation and guidelines
    of numbers & their manipulations .
    However that is sort of never the case within the human or social realm.


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