Satisfying My Weaving Urges: Knitting on a Trip

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Because I’ve been working on reprinting two of my books, traveled to Italy and had knee surgery I haven’t been able to be at the studio to weave for months. During a trip to visit my sisters in Florida last week, I knitted my head off. It felt really good to get my hands in the threads again. Although it was only a temporary fix, it satisfied something deep inside when I couldn’t be at my loom.

The picture shows the shawl I’m working on. Knitting on Trip 1A friend had made one and I loved it. I told him, “Here’s a check, go buy me the same yarn and I’ll make it for myself.” It’s lots of fun and not so complicated that I had to concentrate so I could be social. I’m working on the yoke in the back. The bottom of the shawl and the ends that go around the neck will be added to it.

The yarns came on cones from Artfibers, a shop in San Francisco that I think has very interesting yarns. How often do you see knitters working from cones?

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