Hooray! I Got into the Show!

Four Veils (detail) click to enlarge
Four Veils (detail)
Peggy Osterkamp
click to enlarge

I just found out that my Four Veils were accepted in the big, big Textile Society of America juried exhibition which is in conjunction with TSA’s first ever New Directions Symposium in LA in September! Hooray! Only 19 works were selected from 400 entries! This is a very big thing–the jurors were the top of the line (Gerhardt Knodel, Matilda McQuaid, Carol Shaw Sutton, and Tali Weinberg) and the entries were from textile artists who have exhibited regularly. I hope this will be the beginning of a new phase where my work is shown in more galleries. Please see a video on how I make the ruffles.

Four Veils - Peggy Osterkamp > click to enlarge
Four Veils – Peggy Osterkamp > click to enlarge

12 thoughts on “Hooray! I Got into the Show!”

  1. i KNEW you would do it!!! YEAH. When is the show? Colin and I will be in San Fran Sept. 15 – 22, except for the weekend when we will be in the Napa Valley for Edward’s wedding (small – family only!)

  2. Congratulations they are so beautiful ….. it will be wonderful to view your pieces at TSA symposium in LA ………Hope to see you there………

    PS sent your email onto Mary and Jenny

  3. Congratulations Peggy, the judges chose well, looking at this exhibit sends your mind
    into a world of light,a true piece of Art.

  4. Gorgeous intricate and delicate gossamer structures. Like something found in nature, maybe an insect wing under a microscope. What is your inspiration?

    Congratulations on the show!

  5. So happy for you. Your veils are beautiful. Glad you are being recognized for the creative and original artist you are.

  6. I can think of no better honor for someone who freely took the time and resources to help me in my weaving journey. Congratulations Peggy, you deserve it!

  7. Hi! I will love to watch how u make the ruffles and when i try to watch it on the link of the video i am not able to do it because is a private video, would there be any way to watch it? Thank u so much


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