Photo Shoots of My Weaving

TSA Show Photo John Shooting VeilsOver the holidays I spent a lot of effort getting my entry ready to send to the jury for the Textile Society of America show. There were two photo shoots and much work on getting the entry just right. I submitted two days before the deadline. What a relief! I sent in 3 entries: “Four Veils”, “Heart Sutra No. 1” and “Heart Sutra No. 2” along with details of each.

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The first photo shows the set up for photographing “Four Veils”. A lot of care was taken to get the lighting just right.

131205-0011 copy

This photo shows me fiddling at the last minute.
TSA Show Photo John with Japanese PrintThe second shoot was for two of the pieces I did on pages from an old, dilapidated Japanese book. Again, to get them to show up in their frames took special lighting. I’m thrilled with how well the two pieces look. Wish me luck with the jurors. I’ll hear in March. The show will be in September in Los Angeles.Heart_Sutra_no2_Osterkamp_55Heart_Sutra_no1_Osterkamp_21

11 thoughts on “Photo Shoots of My Weaving”

  1. I would love to see these in person and being in LA I wish you all the best- so I can get to see them! they look wonderful…

  2. Peggy, your work looks just beautiful! So glad that your submissions are on their way. What an effort to submit them, but well worth it. The photographs are lovely. May they shine in the L.A. show.

  3. Beautiful, I love your art, so perfect, so inspiring.
    I also sent 1 entry of my work, wouldn’t it be fun being together on the same show?


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