A Nice Testimonial about my Method of Warping the Beam

warped with raddle
warped with raddle


warped without raddle
warped without raddle







Hi Peggy,
I am utterly amazed at how easy your method is. What used to take me 2-3 days to warp the beam (not including dealing with twisted, tangled and broken threads) took me only a couple hours from taking off the warping board to warping the beam. All without the additional problems that I used to have. I cannot thank you enough Peggy.

I’ve always enjoyed the whole process of weaving, including  dressing the loom. But this, this make it pure bliss.
I’ve been hesitant about using more expensive yarns but now even with this first beaming, I feel more confident.

Ken Berg
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3 thoughts on “A Nice Testimonial about my Method of Warping the Beam”

  1. Peggy, would you please either post on your blog or email me your blog post or any online information on the warping method he refers to? I am always interested in improving my techniques!

    Denise Kovnat

    • This is the method in my Weaving for Beginners book as well as all my other books. The beaming is especially the focus in the second book, Warping Your Loom & Tyibng On New Warps. That one will come out soon as and eBook in pdf format. The hard copies are almost gone.


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