To Zoagli (the Italian Riviera, I think)

Zoagli 1Today we traveled north along the coast up to south of Genoa to the tiny town of Zoagli where we will see some velvet weaving tomorrow. This first picture is of the town and entrance to the Zoagli Hotel where we are staying, over looking the water. Our train passed the lovely little villages of the Cinque Terre (5 villages) where I will come at the end Zoagli 2of the trip.

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Here is the patio off my room and the view of the Mediterranean.

The next two pictures are from Lisio, the school where we visited the other day. Here is a draft we studied in a

Zoagli 3heavy-duty drafting lesson for velvets which took a lot of brain power. I loved the little old loom in the last picture because of all the heavy weights dangling off of the back of the loom. Click to get a close up of those Zoagli 4weights.

3 thoughts on “To Zoagli (the Italian Riviera, I think)”

  1. I can’t imagine weaving velvet by hand to learn a living in the 21st century.
    Is their handwoven velvet any different from machine woven?

  2. So, you got a glimpse of Cinque Terre. Adorable, isn’t it?
    Those velvet weavings are incredible. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Believe me I’d rather see sitting on a terrace looking at the Mediterranean than preparing for this party. It will be lovely and you will be missed but will be glad when it is over.


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