Weaving Velvet Ourselves 4

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  1. I’m amazed! At the complexity of the looms (I have a simple 4-shaft Swedish style floor loom); at the rugged, well-used look of the looms – they have obviously been in use for many many years, and show it – and finally: at how such beautiful and luxurious fabrics come from one of the roughest looking objects you saw on your travels!
    The loom being clambered all over by the lady in your photo reminded me of when I used to work in a paper mill. The paper making machine was easily as tall as a house and as long as a terrace of houses. I was astonished the first time I saw one! But the men working that machine could clamber and climb all over it, adjusting this and tweaking that, to make sure it was running correctly and would produce the paper they wanted. It was good to see this lady getting into the workings of this loom in just the same way. I shouldn’t have been surprised, of course: I have to do some clambering inside my little loom on occasion, and this velvet weaving loom is _far_ more complex!
    It’s more than a pleasure for me to share in your photos, Peggy. I’m aiming to go to Italy sometime before I’m too old to enjoy it, and I’ve read about your visit with excitement. Thank you immensely for sharing all these weaverly joys with us!


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