Weaving Velvet Ourselves

Here is the school outside of Florence where we spent 3 days learning hoe to design and weave velvet and how to analyze old velvet textiles. It has been a wonderful experience and hard brain work. This photo shows the velvet we were weaving. I hope to send more pictures of us at the loom and our teacher working on top of the loom when things got a little out of whack. The red velvet is one we analyzed. The graph and card is the design of the velvet we wove.  [click first photo to start slideshow]

2 thoughts on “Weaving Velvet Ourselves”

  1. Wow! That is amazing! How big is the loom? Thanks for all your updates! It feels like we are on the journey with you. 🙂 Can you do velvet on a regular loom?

  2. thank you Peggy,
    it has been a pleasure to meet you and an interesting challenge to run a 3 day workshop and have all weave!

    Regarding the size of the loom: it’s big!
    3 mt high, 1 meter wide and about 4-5 meters long. You can see me on top of it!
    It is possible to weave velvet on a regular loom. Barbara Setsu Pickett organises workshops were she introduces the technique


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