Getting Around Venice

Today I walked almost all day on the alley-ways that are the streets here. The vaperatto (sp?) boats were on strike so the canals were less busy with many more small boats and gondolas. I am too tired to write about all the churches and museum we visited. The walkways have bridges everywhere to go over all the canals. We went up the steps and down on hundreds of bridges it seemed! It is a magical place! [click photos to enlarge]

4 thoughts on “Getting Around Venice”

  1. Isn’t Venice wonderful! I would love to live there for a year exploring all the canals and back streets, eating the food and finding new fabrics. Your photographs are great!!

  2. Did you see the ornate drop spindles at the museum on St. Mark’s Square? They were exquisite.
    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.


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