Velvet and Venice, Too

Velvet and Venice 1Our first stop was to a workshop that looked out on a canal that made handwoven velvet on old, old looms. There were 15 looms and 5 weavers. The looms survived because long ago Napoleon forbade any weaving in Venice so the looms were idle for all that time. It was fabulous as always to see the big velvet looms and the weavers. This company has been in the family a long time and is doing contemporary designs as well as traditional ones. It seems like a very vital business. They have decided to only weave velvet by hand because power looms can weave all the other types of fabrics.

Velvet and Venice 3
Then a friend and I had a lovely lunch complete with a little orchestra playing beside us on San Marco Square. I had wanted to get a chance and sit out and watch the pigeons and the people and this was the perfect place.

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We then took a boat to the island of Murano to see Venetian glass and to see some glass blowing. This photo shows a little typical Venice-like scene on the island.Velvet and Venice 4

Tonight we were lucky to get a ( very bad) seat at the Velvet and Venice 5Teatro La Fenice to see the opera Madama Butterfly. The inside of the opera house is quite grand. The singing was great but I didn’t like the costumes, set, or the production. Interesting that the super titles were in Italian and English. I loved, loved the beautiful music. Then we took a boat home and looked in the windows of the grand palatial places on the canal.

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