Pitti Palace, Passamaneria, and Ponte Vecchio

Pitti Palace 1
We started off this morning at the Pitti Palace where there was a wonderful show in the Costume Gallery. Old evening gowns were juxtaposed next to gowns from the 40’s through 2000. You could see how the old dresses with bustles and huge skirts and elegant details influenced the modern ones. All were gorgeous. The catalogue was sold out but I may get to borrow one so I can send some photos in another post. It was a big show and stunning.  [click photos to enlarge]

Pitti Palace 2After lunch we went to a shop that sells tassels and trim. People from all over the world know about it. It is called Valmar “La Passamaneria”.

That’s a take off for passamentary which is what we call trims, braids, tassels, etc. www.passamaneriaonline.it.

Pitti Palace 3It’s a tiny shop and we squeezed into the workshop upstairs for some demonstrations.

Pitti Palace 4

The end of the day we went across the river and got this view of the Ponte Vicchio in the late afternoon light. The blue sky was a welcome sight because it has been cloudy and a little rainy for several days.

Rug-001We visited a textile dealer at the end of the day and I saw a wonderful rug with both pile and flat weave areas. I have been looking for one for years. This one is made of fine wool yarns and the scale is very fine. The dealer said it was made probably by a girl to show off her skill before marriage. It has several motifs as though the weaver were sampling them in the rug. Anyone who didn’t know a little about rugs or weaving would wonder why anyone would get excited about a rug that is frayed and with holes. It is the fine weave and fine yarns that caught my eye. It is from Turkmenistan.

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