Day 3 – Visit to Fiesole

Day Three - 1Today we took a taxi to Fiesole, a little town on a big hill overlooking Florence. The views are stunning. There are ruins of a Roman theater, temple, and baths as well as older, Etruscan ruins overlooking the surrounding valley and hills. It really felt like we were in Italy now. This picture is of the theater.
Day Three - 2
This second picture is after our relaxing, two-hour lunch over looking Florence.
Day Three - 3
Here I am with my familiar water bottle. Not shown are my back pack and camera which is usually hanging from my neck. It was a thoroughly relaxing day with no crowds, lovely sun and blue sky with puffy white clouds. We meandered back to our hotel on a local bus.

Tomorrow afternoon we meet our tour group. We’ve met several already. I went today with my friend from Mill Valley so it was nice to have a friend along.

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