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Cinque Terre At Last 4Today I finally saw the Cinque Terra (5 towns) that I have heard so much about from friends. I took a boat up the coast below Genoa to see these picturesque little towns that sit on top of cliffs or cling to them. I bought a round trip ticket from La Spezia that allowed me get on and off. My plan was to go to the northern most one, Monterosso, and turn back and get off at the next to the last one, Vernazza, for a nice lunch. When I saw how precarious it was to get off at the smaller towns because of the choppy water and tiny gang plank, I stayed all day in Monterosso. [click photos to enlarge]

It was warm and sunny so after I explored theCinque Terre At Last 3 town a bit, I sat in the shade on a bench and read until lunch time. I was reading Beautiful Ruins which takes place in the area. I finished it when I got back to the hotel. It was nice to see the places mentioned in the novel and it was a good read.

For lunch I choose a sidewalk place that had a local pasta dish, trophie with pesto, as well as the Internet. I read, relaxed, and did email. It’s funny how having wifi makes me Cinque Terre At Last 5feel connected on this trip.

Most people come here to hike from one town to the next which looked too scary for me to even consider it. The last picture shows a hiking path leading out of Monteroso.

For the last day of the trip it was just the right way to go. I think I sat practically all day and it was wonderful.
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  1. Well Peggy, I have LOVED your blog and looked forward to reading it every day. It is as if I was with you to enjoy every part of it, and your fantastic photos. I have never seen the Cinque Terre as I came down the coast by car or train. However I remember the Carrara marble hillsides, those great slashes of white.

    I’ll phone you in a day ro two, or perhaps your Sunday Nov 3rd to have a chat.

    Safe trip home,


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