On the Way to the Cinque Terra (5 towns)

Now I am all by myself in the town of La Spezia. This is where I will take off for the Cinque Terre by boat in the morning. I’ve heard so many people rave about the 5 towns hanging on the cliff that I want to see them for myself. I don’t plan to hike from one town to the next as most tourists do because I think it would be too scary for me so I will see them by boat and take the train and stop at some on the way back.
Cinque Terra  1The train out of Florence was spot on time. On the way I saw white areas on the mountains that I knew could not be snow. They are marble quarries. So that’s where Italian marble comes from! One town had 2 big cranes like those for container ships and piles of huge blocks of marble in their yard waiting to be shipped. There also were a lot of big slices of marble.
Cinque Terra  2
Cinque Terra  3The harbor looks a lot like Sausalito in California. It made me a little (not much) homesick. There were a couple of little fishing boats. Some have lights in front to go out at night and draw the fish up to their nets–anchovies, I think. I’ve had some tasty anchovies dishes–not like the ones packed in oil that we get on a Caesar salad.

Cinque Terra  4The picture with all the steps I think is a bit like what I’ll see in the 5 towns. I don’t plan to climb them if I can help it. My new knee is doing very fine but I still feel a bit unsteady, or afraid I’ll stumble on the cobbler stones. That fall in Japan is still a close memory.

The last picture is from my hotel window. I sure know I’m in Italy! Church bells rang again at 5:30.Cinque Terra  5

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