Another Weaving Tour – This Time to Italy!

In a little over a week I’m going to Italy on a Textile Society of America tour: Velvet in Italy: Florence, Zoagli, Venice. We are going to see ateliers where they are handweaving velvet on huge, old looms.

Seems like there are always tons of things to do to get ready for a trip. I’m ticking off my lists every day. I’m working on getting photos of my work on my mini iPad to show people I encounter on the tour.
iPad Translation App
Today I mastered the use of this iPad app translator.   I can speak English and hear the Italian translation. How neat is that?

Velvet Weaving > click to enlarge
Velvet Weaving
> click to enlarge

Here is a picture of the velvet piece I wove after the class with our tour leader, Barbara Setsu Pickett in 2006. We made our loops with 2 brass bars and cut the loops using a blade passing between the two bars. I loved playing with cut and uncut areas and voided velvet areas where all the pile threads were incorporated into the foundation.

3 thoughts on “Another Weaving Tour – This Time to Italy!”

  1. Your Italian tour sounds great! I shall look forward to reading your post. My spouse and I were in Rome on an Archeological Tour through history from the foundation of the city until about 360 ACE. I’d love to visit the rest of the country. Enjoy. And, by the way, a lot of Italians do not speak English.

  2. Lucky!! That was a sweet opportunity – glad you could grab a seat on the bus! Awesome! Barbara is so interesting and kind, you’ll be in good company. Enjoy!


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