Sheer Silk Weaving on a Monk’s Prayer

Weaving and japanese page
This is my first piece using one of the books I got in Japan. It is falling apart, so I don’t worry about taking pages from it. I understand it is a book of Monks’ prayers—or it may be just one prayer, I don’t know. I used two adjacent pages for this piece.

I wanted to show how sheer my pieces are. There are two that overlap in the center. The top piece was partially wetted to collapse. The upper part shows how it was woven.

7 thoughts on “Sheer Silk Weaving on a Monk’s Prayer”

  1. You really do show off the sheerness of your weaving. I like your use of selective collapse also. Very effective against the dark pages!

    • No, this is very fine industrial silk–undegummed and highly overtwisted. Some is S some Z some just strands as a thread. they are dyed bright colors with fugitive dye.


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