Loot from Japan #1

Japan Yarn and Kimono
Here is silk thread I bought–and a lovely child’s under kimono. The really rough skeins in the bundle are raw silk made of the waste silk that is on the outside of the cocoons. I got it at a co-op where the framers took their cocoons to be unwound and made into skeins. The silk was reeled off of the cocoons by machines. It was fascinating to watch and the beautiful, shiny silk skeins being wound. I don’t know how the wide silk yarn was made, but I hope to find a way to weave something interesting with it.

I love the little kimono–we visited a woman who researched how the red dyes used to be made. Red for under the kimono was really a popular thing!

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  1. lovely all. the rough skeins are called kibisu、which translates to “heel”. or the rough part. i have some of this also. have not used it yet. when i was there i saw them experimenting with a mechanical beating process which made the kibisu a buttery soft yarn. still very pricy as it takes a lot of beating! what part of Japan did you visit?


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