Loot from Japan #2

Japanese Books
I found two old books in a book store in an arcade in Kyoto, I think, and I loved the first one I saw because of the beautiul worm holes that were in the pages. Then I found some more at another book store in Tokyo. I had begun thinking of using the glorious pages for mounting my sheer weavings on. The thick book is a collection of accounting books bound together and came from the Kyoto flea marke. There are hundreds of beautiful pages. I don’t know if I dare take any pages out, but I might. They are wonderful to look at as is. (I don’t know if they are right-side-up or nort in the photo.)

3 thoughts on “Loot from Japan #2

  1. Beautiful! I also bought an accounting book from the flee market. I started to take the small booklets away from each other in order to make several new, small books. The first will show the process. 😉 Hanna

  2. Holy Cow! I stumbled on your blog from the HGA website as I was scrambling for workshop ideas for the coming year 2013/2014. I am so excited to see that you have just been to Japan as we (The Portland Handweavers Guild) have just spent a year studying Japanese Textiles in conjunction with the ANWG conference theme of crossing threads/crossing borders. I don’t know if you are doing workshops now, but I think we should maybe wait a little while for this to blossom and grow and see what you come up with after you have had some time to play with the ideas and inspiration you have drawn from you journey. It’s late at night, and I just found you, so I will be back to read of your adventures and look forward to the great things that will come from this in your hands!! Thanks – Linda

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