Last Day in Tokyo

2013-06-04 at 22.43.17We went around with one of my former students today with her leading us around on the subways.  The stairs are unbelievable!  Up and down and down and up again just to go up and down– all to get to one destination!  Coming home was in rush hour which was hugely crowded– underground as well as on the sidewalks.  Everywhere, dodging people. I kept alert so I wouldn’t get knocked down again.

We started the day looking for Japanese wood block prints in the Jimbocho area which has lots of small books shops. And I mean lots of them. My friend had found an address on the Internet so we had a starting out place.  We only went to 2 places for prints but another had old beat-up books that I might use in my weaving.2013-06-04 at 22.49.30

We had a fine soba noodle lunch then went to the Roppongi area.  We stopped where every textile person does at the Nuno shop.  I wanted to back to a shop to get a business card holder like I got 6 years ago.  It was in the shop for the Mori Art Museum. They were out of stock but we got something similar. The museum is in the Roppongi Hills Building–a big interesting high rise building with a view of Tokyo on top.

We ended up in the designer area again and found most of the displays completely different. We finished off the day with tea and cake in the flower and tea shop we went the first day, so long ago. [click photos to enlarge]

2013-06-05 at 00.10.21Now for packing for the airplane tomorrow. That will be a major operation. It will be fun to see what all I have bought that needs to fit into the suitcases.

4 thoughts on “Last Day in Tokyo

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your trip. What were the tattered books you thought would aid you in your weaving? I’d love to see pix. I find design books are equally good for felting and needlepoint and sometimes knitting and crochet.

    • They are old books with beautiful calligraphy. Maybe if I have the courage to cut out pages, I’ll mount my little sheer pieces on them. I really have no idea what I’ll do other than love to look at them.

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