A New Wrinkle for My Ruffles

When I was ruffling up the tube for the ruffle for the Room Art Gallery show, I got an idea for the next one. I like this photo of the ruffle–not so tight. Maybe I’ll make one “loose” like this that would be a sculpture and sit on a pedestal in a plexi-glass box (called a vitrine).

Peggy Osterkamp's Sculptural Ruffle [click to enlarge]
Peggy Osterkamp’s Sculptural Ruffle
[click to enlarge]
I loved the look when the ruffles were tight together. My idea for another one is to make it tight so it would be a sculpture and sit on a pedestal, rather than hang from the ceiling.

Peggy Osterkamp's Pedistal Ruffle [click to enlarge]
Peggy Osterkamp’s Pedistal Ruffle
[click to enlarge]

4 thoughts on “A New Wrinkle for My Ruffles”

  1. I’ve just been introduced to your works by a friend, & your ruffle is the first of your art works I’ve seen. It’s gorgeous! Weaving for art is great fun. Thank you for making it even more so!

    • When you have time, check out 2 things. One is my video of my one-person show I had in January. It is short–2 minutes. Check my posts on my website or go to YouTube. The other thing is to look at my gallery on the website for more stuff. Thanks for your kind words–you made my day!


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