A Wonderful Testimonial

Getting this email from Judy Wheeler really made my day!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! for writing the New Guide to Weaving books. I have all three, and literally could not weave without them. I learned to weave many years ago at a weaving shop that was only in business a short while…

I love weaving, but it was always a struggle. Warping was difficult, tension was never good, and my projects rarely turned out like I had hoped. Then I found your books. Weaving is now so much more enjoyable and rewarding, and your books are just amazing! I always refer to them when weaving, but often I pick one up and just read it, because I always learn something new.

Thank you again!

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Testimonial”

  1. hi can someone tell me how can i make my warp wider when i use the warp
    board i can only make a 5″ and maybe 9 inch the pecks are not that wide
    so how can i make it wider.thanks wilfredo

    • Look on page 190 of my book, Weaving for Beginners which I think you have. You will make the warp in sections. Each section will have its own kitestick. You don’t want to put too many threads in a section on the pegs that would cause the pegs to bend. Be sure you keep pushing back the threads so they are near the warping board–not extending outward on the pegs more than 1 1/2″ (ideally). Each section of warp is called a bout. Look up bout in the index. I hope this answers ok. If not, let me know.

      • Well Peggy, howdy you do lets get to know one another I am a retire
        worker from G.M. I am 65 years young. marry with three children all
        went to cellege. and I am new to weaveing even thou I made something
        like 15 scarfs and I sold them all I am thinking of going to a school
        just to learn on reading drafts and setup and more.anyway thank you
        so much for the help.


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