Peggy’s Planning Weaving Projects Worksheet

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I gave a lesson the other day about planning projects and gave out the worksheet my students have liked and that is in my book, Weaving for Beginners. I thought it would be good to share it. It is used to calculate the many things needed when planning a project. This worksheet lets you figure out how long and wide the warp should be and the amount of warp and weft yarn you need. When I was starting out, I was always worried that I’d forget a critical calculation. I’ve used it with my students for many years so I don’t worry that I’ve forgotten a calculation they needed for their projects. You may download the worksheet HERE.

2 thoughts on “Peggy’s Planning Weaving Projects Worksheet”

  1. Thank you for providing this work sheet. I have been weaving for a couple years and have given as gifts many of my projects. My intention is always to take a picture and make notes when I am finished. BUT, I never have, and when I revisit a project, or type of design, I am very frustrated that I did not do it.
    So today I will begin to using your work sheet and I am excited that I was able to access one from your site.
    Thanks again,

    • I’m so glad it will be helpful. I start a worksheet the minute I begin planning a project. I’ve been grateful for them when repeating ideas, too. I’m glad you responded to let me know you found it.


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