A Weaver’s Knitted Sweater

Peggy Osterkamp’s Knitted Sweater
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I love to knit mindlessly (or nearly so). This sweater I knitted using stainless steel and silk thread and cotton yarn. The yarns and pattern are from Habu Textiles in New York. If you don’t know them, please check the web for amazing things. I thought it would take a year but I’m now sewing the pieces together having begun the knitting in September. It was easy—all stockinet and easy to keep track of the rows for shaping. I hope to wear it to the opening of my show which is on January 8. We’ll see. At first I thought it would be too small, then too large. You can’t tell anything until you start sewing it together and trying it on the body. I think it will be just fine. I can’t decide yet whether to sew the side seams or let them loose. The stainless steel/silk yarn has a wild mind of its own. Any thoughts? Also, I’m not sure if I’ll block the stainless part—so far I only blocked the cotton areas.

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    • Dear Betty,
      Are you Katherine’s mother? Yes, I wore the sweater to the opening night–put the buttons (12) and buttonholes in 2 days ahead. It looked good and felt good. Yes, the ruffles are silk–it’s a stiff silk–undegummed I imagine. There’s a video of it on You Tube (and on my website).

  1. Do you take requests from a fan for one of your masterpieces? I am that man and it would mean the world to me.
    Thankyou , DAVID

    • I’m thrilled you like my sweater. Can’t say I would do one to order. I may be ready to pass one of mine on, however. Thanks for the kind words.

    • It was Habu pattern. Get in touch with them. Do you know they moved to Colorado and don’t have a shop now? 888-667-4030 or 888-317-2712 is the new number.

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